Lo Life: Romeo Spikes. Book Review

LoLife_RomeoSpikes_cvrLO LIFE: ROMEO SPIKES by Joanne Reay

Titan Books, s/b, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This first book in Joanne Reay’s Tormenta series tells of demons living amongst us in our modern world.  The Tormenta are demons who look like humans, but survive by tormenting humans to kill themselves so they can consume their unspent life span.

Following the traditional yin-yang concept used in many fantasy novels, the Tormenta of course have their own predators – the Hunters.  Part of the shadowy Sinestra organisation, Hunters are highly trained assassins dedicated to wiping out the Tormenta and safeguarding human life.

Several story arks come together in this book – Detective Alexis Bianco works the homicide beat in Louisiana, until she meets Lola, a rogue Hunter who inducts her to the world of the Tormenta.  Doctor Annie Torgus is a discredited psychiatrist working at a penitentiary.  Trying to use her fading charms to get a book printed about an inmate that she thinks will make her famous.  Dali, an ex-Tormenta turned Sinestra operative helps seek out Tormenta while searching for his lost love.

Joanne Reay has crafted a world within the world we know, filled with believable characters and gritty storylines. As the book progressed, I found myself unwilling to put it down, wanting to find out what happens to Detective Bianco, Lola et al.  Bring on book two…