London Macabre by Steven Savile. eBook review

macabreLONDON MACABRE, by Steven Savile, Crossroads Press, e-book, £3.17.

Reviewed by Stewart Horn

Steven Savile has an impressive imagination, and he has done a lot of research into mythologies from around the world and throughout history.  What he does here is to take just about every apocalyptic myth he could find and have them all happen at once in Victorian London.

There is a guild of Gentleman Knights, who defend London from threat using their assorted supernatural powers.  In this novel the threats include some nasty demons, assorted angels, Satan, a giant Golem, some vampires, a few walking dead and a nicely Evil Queen Victoria.  There is also a werewolf, stone lions that walk and some ghosts, but they’re good guys.

The story is somewhat convoluted with several strands interweaving, and there are lots of interesting ideas and splendid imagery – I especially enjoyed his steampunkish vision of Hell.

Mr. Savile is good with characters, dialogue and epic visualisations.  However, his faux-Victorian writing style, which was quaint at first, soon became tiresome.  After a while it just seemed overwritten, and he could do with a cliché filter.

Nevertheless, this is a grand, ambitious and sweetly nostalgic novel that should please fans of Victoriana.