Milton’s Children by Jason V. Brock. Book review

miltons]MILTON’S CHILDREN by Jason V Brock, 

Bad Moon Books, Kindle £2.73. p/b $15.95

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
Synopsis: A scientific expedition returning from the Antarctic discovers some new islands, and stops to investigate, losing touch with the outside world in the process.  They investigate and the ensuing chaos has me unsure whether this is horror, scifi or what.  Tension is built very well and I don’t want to describe more and remove that.
Characterisation: Generally speaking, Brock is very good at this.  However his helicopter pilot jarred with me – he was supposed to be ex-military but certainly didn’t seem like it and acted in a manner you would not expect from anyone intelligent enough to pilot a chopper.  A shame, as otherwise they were well done.
Narrative:  Flows nicely, and you don’t want to put it down.  Excitement and tension mounts, you want to know what happens.  Not sure that the reader will invest with the characters though.
Conversation: natural and flows perfectly.
Overall, interesting.  Certainly well written, not to my taste – I was left frustrated at the lack of science at the end and the ending left me with too many questions, but I think that is what horror readers want!
Marks from me A.
Recommendation: good read, too short.