Morpheus Tales Issues 8, 9, 10, and 11. Magazine reviews

MORPHEUS TALES ISSUES 8, 9, 10, and 11. Price inc. postage £3.50 per issue, 4 Issue sub for £12.00 Website:

Reviewed by Jim Mcleod

Morpheus Tales is perhaps one of the better known, better produced independent UK horror magazines.  The production values, are high relatively speaking, with nice glossy covers, and a higher quality paper used within.

There is some great artwork to accompany the stories, and thankfully the magazine is stuffed to the gills with adverts. However, in publications such as these it’s the quality and mix of stories that matters.  In these four issues there is a wide range of horror worth reading.  In general the majority of the stories are good, with at least one or two being really good.

Surprisingly there are very few clunkers here.
Of the stories presented here my personal favourites were
“The Cure by Joseph D’ Lacey” ( issue 10), this tale of  amazing practitioner of acupuncture, shows why D’lacey is a rising star of the horror genre.
“Season Opener by R Scott McCoy” (issue IX), about a hunting trip with horrific consequences, is another fine piece of writing from McCoy.

“Dead Baby Bounce by R.K.Gemienhart” (issue 11), is a rather twisted tale about revenge against bullies.  It also has a great illustration that took me back to my Garbage Pail Kids collecting days.

All in all, Morpheus Tales is a must for fans of horror short stories, the mix of styles and sub genres, is great.  As is the mix of authors from unknowns to bigger and better known names.  This is a magazine that has been put together with a love for the genre, and is deserving.of some of our love.