Nibiru: Foundations, Family Matters and Boiling Point. RPG review

Nibiru RPG adventures: Foundations, Family Matters and Boiling Point, Araukana, £7.00 each

Reviewed by Yannick Ladewig

Three adventures have been published for Araukana Media’s roleplaying game Nibiru – Foundations, Family Matters and Boiling Point. Each adventure is eight pages long and structured as one running text separated into chapters and interspersed with additional GM information and tips. There are no pictures aside from the cover art.
In Foundations, the PCs are offered a safe place in a new city, for themselves and other Vagabonds: When it turns out that their contact is compromised, however, they have to decide how far they are willing to go for this sanctuary. Family Matters puts the players into another difficult situation. Forced to retrieve a debt for a local ruler in order to not be exiled into certain death, they encounter a colony of squatters under threat from two sides and they will need to make choices that could lead to the death of the colony or a revolution. In Boiling Point, the characters, after falling sick and witnessing seemingly unprovoked acts of violence against the local medical community, begin to uncover a large conspiracy.
All of these adventures are designed to be expanded upon. Especially Boiling Point serves well as the introduction to a longer-running story arc, while the continuation to the ending to Family Matters – depending on the PCs choices – can easily fill up at least one or two more sessions.
Unfortunately, none of the adventures allow for much influence on the story from the players. Boiling Point has an optional side mission that can be completed or ignored, but it doesn’t affect the larger story in any way. For almost all skill checks suggested in the adventures, the books suggest giving the players basically the same result regardless of success or failure and they do not provide any tips for how to react if the players deviate from the assumed choices.
These adventures provide an interesting jumping in point into three different regions in the world of Nibiru and serve as a good starter for longer campaign arcs. They are unfortunately somewhat lacking in depth and the theme of memory and remembering what was very important in the core rulebook is not explored in them. Still, for a group new to Nibiru, these adventures can be useful to get an idea for what is possible in the setting.