Night Music: Nocturnes Vol. 2 by John Connolly. Book review

NIGHT MUSIC: Nocturnes vol.2 by John Connolly
Atria/Simon and Schuster Trade Paperback 447 pages
Reviewed by Mario Guslandi
Widely known for his successful series of Charlie Parker mystery novels, John Connolly occasionally tries his hand at the supernatural tale.
Following the acclaimed collection Nocturnes, the current volume Night Music ( a.k.a. Nocturnes 2) assembles ten short stories, two novellas and an interesting non-fictional essay commenting upon the author’s own favourites in the dark genre.
Connolly’s extraordinary ability as a storyteller is so well recognized that there is no need to emphasize it further. Let’s simply state that the present book provides additional evidence that reading a piece of Connolly’s fiction is a truly delightful and fascinating experience. Some of the stories therein have especially left your reviewer spellbound.
The outstanding “The Blood of the Lamb”, featuring a young girl endowed with healing powers, is by far one of the darkest stories I ever read.
“The Lamia” is a cruel tale where a raper gets his well deserved punishment in a paranormal way, while “Lazarus” is the dry, unsettling portrait of the resurrected Lazarus brought back to a life that will never be the same as before, and “The Hollow King” is a short, extremely sinister fairy tale.
In the cautionary tale ” The Children of Dr Lyall” two burglars entering a secluded house have to face an unexpected, veritable ordeal and in the intense “A Haunting” , a story full of lyricism, a dying old man is visited by the ghost of his deceased wife as a young woman.
Five inter-connected stories form the peculiar, remarkable novella “The Fractured Atlas”, revolving around a very rare book, the terrible properties of which are going to change the world. Here we enjoy Connolly as a terrific storyteller at his best.
Highly recommended.