Night Of The Wendigo by William Meikle. Book review

NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO by William Meikle, Darkfuse, p/b, $16.99 / eBook, $6.99,

Reviewed by David Brzeski

William Meikle is a con-artist! He somehow, sneakily, managed to trick me into reading a zombie book. I tend to avoid zombie books. They usually bore me rigid.

In this case, however, I’m glad he did. This is by no means just a zombie book. The main evil in the book is very different from and possibly even more dangerous than the Wendigo I read about in the famous story by Algernon Blackwood, and let us not forget, it creates ice-zombies.

I had a certain deja vu while reading the flashback parts of the story, which were presented as the diary of the captain of a Scottish cargo ship some four hundred years in the past. This is because I had read it before, as a short story, in the anthology, ‘High Seas Cthulhu’. So I suppose that makes this a Cthulhu mythos novel of sorts, albeit it doesn’t name-drop any of the usual Lovecraftian books, or entities anywhere.

An archaeological dig has unearthed the remains of this cargo ship and released the Wendigo. People start to die, their bodies found flash-frozen. Soon Manhattan is hit by the mother of all ice storms. Many more people die, but some rise again and they’re so hungry.

This book is informed as much by classic drive-in B-movies as it is by prose fiction and it’s none the worse for that. It would, in fact, make a pretty good film. It’s an exciting page-turner of a book that I finished in just two sittings. My only criticism is that I don’t rate the cover much.