Nightbane Survival Guide, Irvine Jackson and Mark Oberle

Review by Craig Lockley

Nightbane Survival GuideNightbane is an exciting new RPG from Palladium and this Survival Guide is one of a number of sourcebooks released to accompany the game.

The premise of Nightbane is that the world has suffered a catastrophe that has become known as the Dark Day. All the lights, including the sun, went out for 24 hours and when they came back on, everything seemed as it was. Under the surface, however, something sinister is happening. A group of demons known as the Night Lords have taken over positions of power, unbeknownst to the population. Also, normal people have been infected and become the Nightbane, having the ability to change to monsters with superhuman powers; think Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, roaming the streets.

The Guide details theories behind the origins of creature types in the game and why the Night Lords are hunting down the Nightbane. A selection of origin subplots and adventure hooks get the game moving with new tables for creating your characters, generating their numerous mutations and abilities

The book contains plenty of original artwork and acts as a great inspiration to creating your own Nightbane, whatever form you choose with plenty of ideas for a gamesmaster’s campaign.

Nightbane Survival Guide, Irvine Jackson and Mark Oberle, Palladium Books, £13.99.