Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker. Ebook review

Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker, DarkFuse, Kindle, £1.97, Website

Reviewed by Dave Brzeski

It’s been almost two years since I reviewed ‘The Hoard’, by Alan Ryker—a situation made even more clear by the fact that I now have two more of his DarkFuse books, published since this one, in my to-be-reviewed list. I remember liking ‘The Hoard’, but I liked this novella even more.

Jessie Carlton has a fine arts degree. He should be making use of his passion for art in his career, but an accidental pregnancy sees him give up his dreams, and take the worst imaginable job, to support his new family. Jessie also suffers from night terrors, which take the form of a black cloaked being he calls the Nightmare Man. His medication isn’t helping enough, and when his problem looks like it might put his wife and children in danger, he signs up for an experimental drug trial.

It’s a horror novella, so you know that doesn’t work out so well, but I won’t say anything more about the plot, for fear of spoilers.

It’s very well written, the pacing is perfect and Alan Ryker racks the suspense up like a true master of his art. In my review of ‘The Hoard’, I said Alan Ryker was an author worth watching. I love it when I’m right.

DarkFuse seem to have have elevated themselves to the level of guaranteed quality, as I’ve yet to read a bad book from this publisher.