Nimpentoad by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz

nimpentoadNIMPENTOAD by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz ,

Birch Tree Publishing, p/b £6.88, Kindle £1.91

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
I started this story with no idea what it was about, and rapidly discovered that it was a book for young children.  As such, I read no further, but I did note that two of the authors are elementary school children which I thoroughly applaud!  In the little bit that I did read, I thought it was well written, excellent grammar, and flowed beautifully at precisely the right level for young children.
It is about Niblings, which are sort of minute members of the faerie family, consider delicious by goblins, and their adventures in looking for safety.  Lots of horrible creatures and drawings of each one, in great detail.
I understand it contains hidden messages about correct behaviour – didn’t notice them!  The drawings are good and perfect for the target audience.  Twenty years ago I would have been delighted to read it to my kids, but they are a bit old now!
It is very difficult to get a review of this type of book, because it is targetted at such a young audience that cynical old reviewers can’t appreciate it properly.  I would encourage any parents with young children to review it by reading it to them.  I rather suspect they will love it, and that this could be a really good book.  It just needs to reach kids, which is never easy as parents tend to buy their kids the books they read themselves…. so give your kids the treat of something different and read this to them.