Pandemonium: Stories Of The Apocalypse Edited By Anne C Perry And Jared Shurin. Book Review


Reviewed by Matthew Johns

A collection of short stories, including some by BFS members all themed around the end of the world may sound like quite hard work, but the tales within this collection are surprisingly engaging and not as depressing as you may think.  This is linked to an exhibition of the artist John Martin’s work at the Tate, where you can also buy limited edition hardcover versions of the book.

The stories range from a tale of a slightly bemused priest finding himself on the front line of a war against hell, having a sword thrust into his hands by an angel and his realisation that this reality isn’t what he’d believed in and preached about for years, to a born again Christian couple convinced that an alien invasion is the Biblical end of the world, to a ragtag crew of minor league baseball players playing the last ever game of baseball as the world ends around them.

My personal favourite is the final tale in the collection, set in Germany during World War II – “Not the End of the World”, by Sophia McDougall.  A mixed group find themselves stuck in a house in the middle of air raids, reliving the same day over and over.  A school teacher finds herself marking the same homework over and over, and the gradual realisation of her predicament really drew me in.

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  1. Thanks!

    The hardcover can be a little tricky to find, as it is a limited edition only available through Tate Britain (either give them a call at 020 7887 8888 or go into the gallery to get it – it isn’t listed on their website yet).

    The eBook is available on Amazon and through the Pandemonium site.

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