Pathfinder. Book Review

pathPATHFINDER by Angie Sage
Bloomsbury Publishing, h/b, 384pp, £12.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Angie Sage is well known for the successful Septimus Heap series of books. Pathfinder marks the beginning of a new saga – “The Magykal World of TodHunter Moon”. Set within the same world as her previous series, with many of the same characters, this book focuses on Alice TodHunter Moon. A member of the Pathfinder tribe, Alice (or Tod as she prefers to be known) has already lost her mother to illness, and when her father mysteriously disappears, she ends up in the care of her step-aunt Mitza.

After her entire village is abducted, Tod eventually finds herself at Queen Jenna’s castle, as an apprentice in the Wizard Tower, where she meets the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Septimus Heap. She learns that there are unseen Ancient Ways that traverse the globe, but that only some people are able to discern them – of which, she is one. Joining forces with her friends Oskar and Ferdie, they set off on a quest to save their abducted families, opposing a powerful Dark sorcerer and finding out more about their Pathfinder heritage.

Sage’s novels have always been gripping, yet easy to read. The characters are all well-rounded and believable, with well thought out interactions and dialogue. Her previous series of books are not required reading to enjoy this new adventure, but you may well find your whistle well and truly whetted once you’ve read this and want to devour them all straight away!