Perfection by Nick Kyme. Audiobook review

perfectionWARHAMMER 40K: PERFECTION by Nick Kyme, The Black Library, Audio Drama, £10.00

Reviewed By Steve Dean

The world of Vardask, it seems, has been invaded by the Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marines. If this wasn’t bad enough, another bunch of baddies, the World Eaters of Khorne (not to be confused with eating corn, which wouldn’t be very bad at all) also arrive and set about causing trouble and death everywhere. Among the carnage, several champions of the Emperor’s Children are killed in mysterious circumstances. The surviving EC naturally suspect the WE bunch of these heinous crimes and war looms…err…some more.

The story kicks off mid battle, which is described in graphic, bloodthirsty and quite unnecessary detail. Then continues with more of the same. The murders occur amid this carnage, although how the characters separate the bodies and the causes of death is beyond me. What? Someone’s been chopped to bits on a battle field? Murder!

It’s performed well by the cast, Gareth Armstrong, Jane Collingwood, Chris Fairbank and David Timson, and narrated by Jonathon Keeble. There’s some original music, sound effects and all the usual stuff, none of which improves the actual story one iota.

I must admit to falling asleep while listening to this. I was reclining in my boudoir, headphones on, and was lulled into a momentary sleep by the sheer dullness of the tale. It sounds like a battle scene from a longer work, the ending is fairly easy to guess and overall is dull, pointless and the action sensationalised. The characters are cut-outs from the villain shop and I didn’t really give a damn what happened to them, during or after.

So, then, overpriced nonsense. You can get a decent paperback for the money, and still have bus fare home.