Queen Morgana and the Renfairies by Teel James Glenn. Ebook review

queenmorganaQUEEN MORGANA AND THE RENFAIRIES by Teel James Glenn, 

Whiskey Creek Press, Kindle £3.27

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
Synopsis: This is a collection of novellas rather than short stories about modern day people interacting with the faery realm, around the central theme of the Ren Fair, where, every so often, hidden amongst the people pretending to be fey, is an actual, real fey.  Or lots of them.  Unsurprisingly, it’s normally the Queen.  Each story revolves around a mortal trying it on and getting what they deserve, with strong underlying messages suited to the modern day.  Heavy emphasis on dreaming being the root of magic.
Characterisation:  Very happy with this.  Distinct, different characters, all well portrayed.  The varying ambitions and drives are well portrayed.
Narrative:  Very good, page turning, you want to know what happens next and look forward to the next novella.  Perhaps a little obvious in places, especially in the last story, but not really noticeable.
Conversation: natural and flows perfectly.  Nothing jars, everyone speaks as you would expect.
Overall,I really enjoyed this.  A fun-filled romp, gorgeous faeries and horrible ogres, men turned into donkeys, lots of implied sex and redemption.
Marks from me A, I wouldn’t read it again but will happily read other books by this author.
Recommendation: if you like the world of Fae, don’t miss this one.  Morgana is lovely, desirable – and unusually attainable.  Modern people getting involved and enjoying it.  Good light reading.