Queens of Antares – Bloodline returned by PR Pope. Book review

queensQUEENS OF ANTARES – Bloodline Returned by PR Pope,

Volume 1 of the Bloodline Trilogy, Elsewhen Press, £2.99

Reviewed by Rex Sumner
Synopsis:  two sisters and their brother move to the dotty grandmothers house where they find a disc.  Saying the words on the disc they are transported to Antares where they find that granny is the hereditary Queen hiding from the usurper, and they inspire a revolution to overthrow him.
Characterisation:  I don’t know what they look like, and they are a little one dimensional.  One moment childish, the next adult, which can jar.  Similar applies to all the others, especially the usurper.
Narrative:  goes along nicely at a decent pace.  Not a great deal of description.
Conversation: not great, a little stilted.
Overall, it’s ok, but is too simplistic for an adult audience which will grow weary of it.  Quite hard to finish, actually, but kids may enjoy it.
Marks from me D, I wouldn’t read it again and I don’t think I shall read the sequel.