Rebellion. Book Review

Irvine_Rebellion-TPREBELLION by Ian Irvine

Orbit, p/b, 656pp, £9.99

Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Rix is living surrounded by tragedy, guilt and shame, with only the servant girl, Glynnie, for company. Having suffered loss on many levels, and with his new physical encumbrance, Rix is ready to give up on it all. But Glynnie won’t let him. They must flee for their lives…. right now. Incredibly it seems treacherous Wil might be the one to lead them to safety.

The most dangerous people of the realm have discovered the secret of Tali’s blood, and now she is a prisoner of the cruel chancellor and desperately hoping that he does not discover her other secret. The wrythen, Lyf, is still searching for her for that very reason, but through a magical connection to him, Tali knows his is also searching for something else – a key. But to what?

As a series The Tainted Realm was fairly slow to really get stuck into the action, but Rebellion takes off from where book one left off with good speed. Though the book is long and the narrative detailed and intricate, and at times languid as we have perhaps come to expect of Irvine’s work, it is in no way lacking in emotional content or tension.

Rebellion begins with a brief but incredibly useful summary of the key events of book one and also contains a glossary, which helps with the various characters, powers and key items that the story revolves around. This is necessity with a novel of this length and a series of this complexity, and Irvine delivers it all leaving the reader wanting nothing but the next chapter.

The second book in the series continues Tali’s plight with great determination and a further depth into the strange magics and sciences that keep this world and its different inhabitations running. Rebellion grasps the reader all the way through and builds up to a monumental climax delivering the kind of ending that makes your breath catch in your throat and has you helplessly turning the pages looking for the rest of the story.