Rifts – Thundercloud Galaxy by Braden Cambell and Kevin Siembieda. RPG review

RIFTS – THUNDERCLOUD GALAXY by Braden Cambell and Kevin Siembieda, Palladium Books £13.99

Reviewed by Steve Dean

The thundercloud galaxy is an area of space with a long and mysterious past. It contains a multitude of planets, from those completely empty, to those with stone age, modern and futuristic cultures. There were once super aliens here too, but they have all gone, or have they? Some of these races are described here, along with weapons, cultures and organisations, some local monsters or aliens are introduced, and some notes on creating your own alien or even a full colony. There is also a brief history of the place, and how it fits into the larger world of the Rifts galaxies.

The 160 pages are crammed with info in the Palladium style, from cover to cover. The internal artwork is monochrome, and most of it pretty good.

I get the feeling this is a book aimed at the more independently minded GM, the kind who like to do their own thing, expanding from a solid base. Don’t get me wrong, the book is packed with stuff, but the thundercloud galaxy is a huge place and not even Palladium could fit it all into one book.

So this raises the question of a second book, even a series. I for one will be looking out for it.