Rifts:Path of the Storm by Matthew Clements. RPG supplement review

RIFTS: PATH OF THE STORM by Matthew Clements, Palladium Books p/b £8.99

Reviewed by Steve Dean

Something different from Palladium this time, a film script, or movie screenplay if you prefer. It’s based on the Rifts RPG of course, and the material within could be used in a campaign of your own, pretty much scene for scene I would have thought.

David and Katie are playing in the woods near their house when a Rift opens and a shed load of angry demons pops through for some friendly maiming and killing. Their father is killed, and David becomes separated from his mum and sister.

Years later, and David is now a special forces soldier. During a raid, which goes horribly wrong, David is rescued by a group of magic users. It turns out they are hunting the same person, a nasty and very powerful mage. They team up, unofficially of course, and set off to hunt down the mage.

Although this is a script and therefore in screenplay format with minimal descriptions, I found it to be very readable. It has everything the reader needs to understand the story, and the rest is filled in by your imagination, which is how it should be.

Would it make a good film? I certainly think so, although, as it says in the introduction, funding is always a problem. I’m sure it would have a wider appeal than just Rifts fans, if only we could persuade the accountants that run the film industry that different is not a bad word. Maybe they could make it in CGI as per Beowolf.

I for one would certainly go and see it, and let’s face it, anything is better than yet another dreary, jelly-mould vampire franchise.