Robot Wars. Film Review

wpa8a93f6c_05_06ROBOT WARS
Director: Albert Band
Screenplay: Jackson Barr (from an idea by Charles Band)
Starring: Don Michael Paul, Barbara Crampton, James Staley
Running Time: 72 mins
Certificate: PG
Format DVD
Release Date: 17/02/14
Reviewed by Guy Adams

How much you enjoy ROBOT WARS will depend on many factors, including, but not limited how much alcohol you consume with it.

Imagine if you wanted to re-enact PACIFIC RIM using children’s toys, colourful jumpsuits and plenty of hairspray. Someone wrote you a script with a surfeit of exclamation marks and characters that feel at their best when standing around with their hands on their hips, questioning authority and showing the opposite sex how full and shiny their teeth are.

There is a loose story about a post-apocalyptic world where giant, robot spiders are both tourist attraction for the rich and weapons of mass destruction. Political shenanigans ensue, delineated with loose strokes, using the depth and subtlety of a drunk kid bringing us up to speed on his sexual conquests via the medium of a nightclub toilet wall and a felt-tip pen.

Robots, inevitably, fight.

Another Full Moon offering from 88 Films, ROBOT WARS struggles to offer quite the same level of unabashed thrills as some of their other releases because it aims for broad, family appeal rather than an exploitation audience. As a result it feels like the pilot of a sci-fi show we would likely not have rushed to watch. Don Michael Paul as Drake, The Pilot Who Wouldn’t Play By Their Rules, is eminently punchable. Barbara Crampton as the romantic lead is on her best behaviour (by which I mean she keeps her clothes on). Passably amusing but probably only for Full Moon completists.

The movie like most of 88 Films’ Full Moon releases, comes with the contemporaneous ‘Videozone’ making-of feature, a handful of trailers and reversible sleeve artwork incorporating the original artwork.