Seal Team 666. Book Review

sealteam666-weston-ochseSEAL TEAM 666 by Weston Ochse

Titan Books, p/b, 320pp, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This book introduces SEAL Team 666 – a specialist team of US Navy SEALs who protect the US (and indeed the world) from all manner of supernatural threats.

The book opens with the team storming a compound in Pakistan.  The five men and a dog who comprise SEAL Team 666 take out a variety of guards, before coming face to face with a demon.  Making relatively short work of it, they work their way further through the compound, before coming face to face with their target – a shape shifting mass-murderer.  While victorious overall, Seal Team 666 lose their sniper, and another is drafted to take his place in their ongoing mission.

It’s easy to see that Ochse (pronounced “oaks”, apparently) has a military background from his prose, but he does a good job of not making the technical side of warfare overly technical, thereby making the book accessible to all.  The action flies thick and fast, and the SEAL Team are well written, and easy to empathise with.

This is a great take on the supernatural genre, and one well worth picking up – the exciting action makes it a gripping read from start to finish.