Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant. RPG review

Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant By Modiphius, £12.49 GBP (PDF), Website

Review by Seth Stauffer

Despite being controlled by a hostile power, the largely unknown Gamma Quadrant beckons you. Starfleet is looking for recruits, and this supplement by Modiphius introduces players to the Gamma Quadrant-a location that served as an integral part of Deep Space Nine’s setting and plot. 

The book is packed with info about inhabitants, locations, and the politics that make the Gamma Quadrant unique. Not a friendly place, mind you, but special just the same. While the book is a sort of cosmic travel guide, it is also a direct means for tying Deep Space Nine, and war with The Dominion into Star Trek Adventures. 

Throughout this work is the same layout as in other Star Trek Adventures products, and that still looks great. The art is good quality, but doesn’t feel terribly inspired. However, some of it is evocative of the Deep Space Nine, and stays close to the source material from the show. 

There are all kinds of surprises in the book. Aside from information about the key players in the Gamma Quadrant, there are pre generated NPCs that can be plugged into a game, a wide variety of plot hooks to be used for different types of missions, as well as ways to plan encounters within the game. Content is not lacking. Furthermore, it doesn’t feel like a burden to read. In fact, at times, such as the history of the Dominion, the text was simply engaging.

Perhaps the biggest problem with this book is that it focuses too much on the war with The Dominion. While the military conflict was central to the Deep Space Nine’s story, the book felt like it could have been a source book focusing just on the war. A sharper divide between the war, and Gamma Quadrant as a place would have helped.

This supplement includes diverse options to add into a game, and presents ways to make sessions reminiscent of Deep Space Nine, or something completely novel. While the book focuses too much on a specific war, it’s a good addition to the Star Trek Adventures line, especially for Deep Space Nine fans. The tone is grim, but as Captain Ben Sisko says, “Even in the darkest moments, you can always find something that will make you smile.” Your next mission may just await you through the wormhole.