By Angie Sage

Bloomsbury Publishing, s/b, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns


Angie Sage has been effortlessly releasing massively popular books for what seems like forever but never loses her charm. Many of her books are linked – this is the third and final in the Todhunter Moon saga, which exists in the same world (and has some of the same characters) as the Septimus Heap tales.

Alice Todhunter Moon, or Tod to her friends, is apprenticed to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Septimus Heap. Their world is filled with Magyk, with their home, the Wizard Tower gaining its Magyk from a foundation of blue lapis. However, the blue lapis is crumbling to dust, and Magyk is UnRavelling (use of capitals here is taken from the book, not due to a lack of typing skills on the part of this reviewer!).

Tod finds herself on a mission to save Magyk, her friends and her home. Travelling through the Magykal Ancient Ways, she must find a magical Orm egg that can stabilise the blue lapis and save everything she has come to love.

Sage’s writing is always a pleasure to behold – it is easy to lose yourself in her pages, following the thrilling adventures of her young heroes and heroines, who may be flawed, make bad decisions and throw the odd tantrum, but obviously come out on top in the end. These are an excellent read, and I’m sure it can only be a matter of time before they appear on a video streaming service near you!