Stillwater by Maynard Sims. Book review

Stillwater by Maynard Sims, Samhain Publishing p/b £9.11, Kindle £3.83, Website

Reviewed by Rex Sumner

This is a very accomplished book.  The author’s experience seeps through and you are entertained all the way through the novel.  Even though I am not a great ghost story reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

A successful novelist, after a car accident puts her in a wheelchair, moves to write her latest novel in a country estate deep in Suffolk.  It rapidly becomes apparent that she is not the sole occupier of the house.  A young girl who drowned in the lake fifteen years earlier makes her presence known.  Although a romantic novelist, the heroine, Beth, becomes a detective as she seeks to help the girl find solace and rest.  The plot is full of twists and turns leaving you guessing and the finale leaves a few questions unanswered, allowing you to make up your own mind.  It is done well, though.

Characterisation is excellent, they develop nicely and while they may surprise you, it is in character.  Distinct characters as well, helped by there not being too many of them.  Conversation flows without any strangeness. On the few occasions where you wonder why they have said something, it is not out of character.  Perhaps you could wish for more description, but I was fine with it – the modern brief description I prefer.

It is a great book.  Read it.