Storm Front. Book Review

Storm_frontSTORM FRONT by Richard Castle

Titan Books, h/b, 320pp, £12.99

Reviewed by Rebekah Lunt

Full disclosure: I am a massive Bond fan, a huge Castle fan and an equally big Heat fan. Therefore, I will admit, here and now, this is not going to be an unbiased review. Also, if you related to anything I just said, then I have pretty much already sold this book to you. (Um, do I get commission? Please?)

That said, why would you not want to read this book? It is fun, full of thrills and smirks to the camera, and while it’s not high literature, it is a great entertaining read that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than it is.

Firmly situated in the ‘Caskett’/Castle-verse, (depending on your fan perspective), with plenty of knowing references to that as well as practically the entire pop-culture/spy fiction catalogue; this is the first full-length thriller starring Derrick Storm published following the release as e-book of the three Derrick Storm Shorts, also available from Titan. They are penned by Richard Castle, who acknowledges openly his influences, be it Kate Beckett for the Heat series, or Ian Fleming’s Bond for this series.

It’s an efficient thriller, with plenty of twists, but not so it gets too irritating. With well-defined characters filling out the entire cast, it’s a swiftly-paced read with a pretty gruesome villain and nice turn-around regarding other villains. Derrick Storm is effectively a great bridge between Bond and Archer (and if you don’t know Archer then check that out too.)

I read this fast, but in a good way. It was entertaining, as I’ve come to expect from all the books and graphic novels associated with Castle, and isn’t dumbed down (as some sad individuals who don’t like to enjoy themselves might assume) although has some gloriously silly, cheeky moments.

Just buy it already!