STORM’S CHILD By John Ortega #BookReview #Fantasy

STORM’S CHILD By John Ortega

SmashBear Publishing, e/b, £3.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Book one of the Rune Caster Chronicles introduces us to Nathan Mercer. A (relatively) mild-mannered innkeeper who caters for those of a magical nature – satyrs, dragons, witches, centaurs and the like. Rarely speaking about his past, he keeps his head down and his guests happy until one of his staff is killed, and his investigations lead him back into the world of the fae. He hoped he had left that world far behind after he was betrayed by those he thought friends and almost died there, but soon finds himself facing danger at every turn. Familiar names such as Puck, Queen Mab and the Winter and Summer Courts arise during his adventure, and we gradually learn more about Nathan’s past. Behind the innkeeper façade lies a deadly fighter equipped with magical bracelets that can make a mace and buckler appear at a word, as well as his own unique magical abilities. Ortega has crafted a rich, fascinating world where magic and the mundane co-exist, with those in our mundane world mostly living in blissful ignorance of all things magical. He has managed to create a hero that it’s easy to empathise with – poor Nathan just wants a quiet life and to run his inn, but fate (and fae) decide that this is not to be. Filled with action, adventure, some rather witty writing and one-liners, Storm’s Child reveals Ortega to be an author to watch out for. If you’ve enjoyed the Iron Druid Chronicles or the Dresden Files, then you’ll love the Rune Caster Chronicles – I can’t wait to see what adventures book two brings and to learn more of N