Strength of a Giant by Tony Passarelli. Book review

STRENGTH OF A GIANT by Tony Passarelli,, s/b, £2.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This novelette is a short story about the Son of God, Emanuel and the Arch Angel Raphael, and is linked to the fantasy novel, ‘The Book of Biden’ by the same author.

It begins with Emanuel and Raphael, or Raph as Emanuel calls him, are watching another Arch Angel, Uriel, who is being followed by an amalgamation of fallen Angels, known as Jovian.

This is quite a bizarre tale, as it depicts the son of God as being quite immature, and at one point defeating a foe by passing wind in his direction (brings to mind a sketch from the Monty Python Holy Grail film!).

As a standalone read, it feels quite out of place, but I’m sure that if read after ‘The Book of Biden’, it will make much more sense.