Stuck on you by Jasper Bark

stuckSTUCK ON YOU by Jasper Bark, Crystal Lake Publishing, $3.07

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

There are books that need to be read, and those that have to come with warning labels on. They are rare, admittedly so, but this one is so horrifying the blurb on Amazon had to point out that the reader had an option to click away from the page and go find another, much more tame book that we could read without having to leave the light on and waste so much valuable electricity. The thing is why we would want to do that when horror has come so far over the past thirty years. We aren’t gentle readers anymore as we tend to consume gorier horror stories and movies than ever before, and this short novel only goes to prove that there is a demand for such novels.

There isn’t much need of an introduction to the characters or what happens, but Ricardo is on an assignment for his wife over the border in Mexico when he meets Consuela. Alarm bells should be ringing as she is a drug mule, who wants to get over the border too, but he sees how sensual she is and how easy she will let him do what he wants to her and takes his chances helping her out. To enjoy himself completely, he hires a woodland cabin for the both of them in the forest surrounded by trees and bears, hoping for a good time when something starts to go wrong. This is pretty much all you need as an introduction as this is all that happens in the novel as a precursor to the horror they are both to face.

The story starts where Ricardo is in bed after having sex with Consuela, and finds his life take a much unexpected turn for the worst. The cause of his current problem is the lightning that struck the cabin that night as it must have struck them too. At less than thirty pages, this counts as a novella and it is one that keeps going back and forth to the past and present, showing the reader how Ricardo got into the mess he has ended up in. As he has cheated on his wife with the sort of woman most men would keep away from and Consuela is similar it is hard to feel any sympathy for the two of them. This is the reason the novella is so involving as anything could happen to the characters and you wouldn’t care.

For a short novel, this is gory, twisted and very, very bloody, but it is good and counts as your horror five a day.