Sword of Justice by Chris Wraight. Book Review

SWORD OF JUSTICE by Chris Wraight. Black Library £7.99

Reviewed by M P Ericson

Legendary general Ludwig Schwarzhelm is dispatched on what may be his most challenging mission yet, that of overseeing the appointment of a new elector count in the province of Averland. Politics isn’t his game, he’s used to slaughtering greenskins, and Chaos forces are already at work to undermine him. But he has support, notably from suave imperial agent Pieter Verstohlen and gruff halberdier Markus Bloch. Together they battle the forces of evil on every front, and succeed in restoring order to Averland.

This is an interesting and unusual Warhammer story, well paced and well written, with some likeable characters. Verstohlen is easily the most engaging, and could have carried the book. But we must perforce have an over-the-top warrior type striding about trying to hog the plotline, and Schwarzhelm isn’t bad, really, grappling with a situation and an enemy he does not fully understand.

Well worth the read.

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