Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts. Book Review


Templar Publishing. £9.99. Version reviewed: uncorrected book proof.

Reviewed by Debbie Bennett.

Great Britain in the Dark Ages. The Saxons roam the land, destroying all they touch, Camelot has fallen and Arthur is dead. The magic sword Excalibur has been lost in the lake and the remaining Knights of the Round Table have no hope left.

But all is not yet lost. Merlin the wizard has been to Avalon to fetch the child Rhianna Pendragon – Arthur and Guinevere’s secret daughter, kept safe from harm all these years. He hopes that the princess can find Excalibur and return it to Avalon so that Arthur may rise again. But Merlin is tricked by the evil Morgan Le Fay and her son Mordred who want Excalibur for themselves, and now Rhianna is trapped in Britain with her fairy companion Elphin, and it seems that all they can do is watch as Camelot is held siege by the Saxon army.

But Rhianna has other ideas as she sets out with Elphin to reclaim Excalibur. In the company of the squire Cai and the two fairy mist-horses, they battle dragons, soldiers and dark magic, in their search for the truth. And as Rhianna comes face to face with the enemy, she discovers who her friends are and what it means to be the Princess of Camelot.

Roberts has a created a feisty young heroine in Rhianna – a girl with a big heart and a mind of her own. Rhianna’s impetuous nature often leads her into trouble, but her quick-thinking and bravery help her on her quest. This is a novel about friendship, courage and doing the right thing and is perfectly aimed at a 10+ market.