Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards. Book review

talusTALUS AND THE FROZEN KING by Graham Edwards, Solaris £7.99

Reviewed by Rex Sumner

Synopsis: This is a detective story with a difference.  We have the world’s first detective, a story teller named Talus sometime in the Neolithic. He and his friend are travelling to the north to find where the northlight meets the ground, when they encounter a murdered king.  At first suspicion falls on the travellers, but rapidly they become trusted to solve the mystery.  And a cracking mystery it is too, with Talus observing everything along with his friend Bran, who gropes after him.  Of course there is not just the one murder, but several, indeed a war erupts, while in the background there are two, no, four love stories, some very convoluted.

Characterisation:  Excellent.  Lots of different people, all distinct and interesting.  Their foibles and mannerisms exposed beautifully.

Narrative:  Most enjoyable, description perfectly fitting in with conversation, good pace, various interesting stone-age methods explained albeit briefly.  Lots of extra stories!

Conversation: natural and flows perfectly.  Nothing jars, everyone speaks as you would expect.

Overall, this is an excellent book.  Very well written.  The author says he is a story teller.  I would agree, he will keep you glued to the page and reading on to find out whodunnit.  I also liked that the book didn’t end on the twist, but closed nicely a chapter later after tying up the loose ends.  Most of them.

Marks from me A+, I wouldn’t read it again but will happily read other books by this author.

Recommendation: read it.  Great fun, well worth it  I’m not particularly into detective/mystery stories, but this was extremely well done and very enjoyable.  Putting Sherlock Holmes and Watson into the Stone Age worked for me!

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