Tape 407. Film Review

TAPE 407

Starring Abigail Schrader, Samantha Lester & James Lyons

Written and directed by Dale Fabrigar & Everette Wallin

Rating: 15

Duration: 90mins

Reviewed by Guy Adams

I am in Found Footage hell (does it require capitals now? There’s so damn much of it I feel it needs capitals. And please… a full stop sometime soon!) It’s like I spend my entire time watching other people’s camcorder memories. Like being surrounded by proud parents, recently married couples, just returned tourists all wanting to show off their pictures.

Here it’s the fun time we went on a flight from New York to Vegas and accidentally crash-landed in a remote location packed with monsters. Which, as bad luck goes, beats any of my holidays. Even the time I got food poisoning in a Thai bar, followed by an overdose in the hotel sick bay that saw me alternately hallucinating and vomiting my way across date lines on the flight back. I didn’t film that of course, because I had other things on my mind.

The characters here are altogether more resilient and never think to lower their camera even, with mind-boggling callousness, filming their kid sister as she screams in pain at her broken arm. Mind you, she is a bit high maintenance so I can’t say I felt much sympathy either.

It has it’s moments but its grip on logic is so loose and its reliance on coincidence so strong that its bid for verisimilitude died in the plane crash along with the majority of the passengers. Tense and occasionally effective as its roars off-screen are it’s ultimately just a handful of people screaming at a patch of darkness for an hour and there’s a limit to how fun that is for the viewer. A sequence in the final third involving a noble sacrifice that results in even more screaming, a road accident and proves a massive waste of time finally sapped my patience I’m afraid. Stick to THE LOST COAST TAPES (reviewed here) it’s funnier, creepier and nowhere near as annoying on the ears.