The Affinity Bridge. Book Review

Titan Books, p/b, 320pp, £7.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

George Mann has created an intricate Steampunk world populated with intriguing inventions, superbly crafted characters and sparkling dialogue. Set of course in Victorian England, this is one of the Newbury and Hobbes Investigations series. Featuring the titular Sir Maurice Newbury, gentleman investigator to the crown and occasional occultist and his assistant, Miss Veronica Hobbes, this details their investigation into a crashed airship containing a member of the Dutch royal family, ghostly policemen in Whitechapel and a series of unpleasant murders.

Newbury and Hobbes find themselves experiencing all manner of trials and tribulations in the course of their investigation – battling deadly automatons, zombies and even normal human beings, their burgeoning romance lurks forever unspoken on the edge of all their interactions.

Mann’s work is always more than a pleasure to consume – he has a way with words that make the reader want to turn each page faster than the last to find out what happens next. This is truly a rip-roaring adventure through Victorian London filled with all the ingredients one could possibly desire – action, adventure, occultism, steampunk, zombies and more!