The Age Atomic. Book Review

The Age AtomicTHE AGE ATOMIC by Adam Christopher

Angry Robot Books, s/b, £8.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

1954 New York is connected to an alternate version of itself through The Fissure – a mysterious power that the government in each reality try to control. Following the events of the previous novel in the series (EmpireState), The Fissure has vanished, and the alternate New York finds itself in the grip of sub-zero temperatures and dwindling energy supplies.

Private investigator Rad Bradley finds himself tangled up in a plot to create huge robot armies.  Assisted by Jennifer Jones, who claims to be a government agent, he starts to investigate the mysterious “King of 125th Street”. Meanwhile, in the other, original New York, Doctor X is trying to find a reliable power source for an army of robots that is being built on the orders of Evelyn McHale, the (literally) ghostly director of Atoms for Peace.

Some great characters come together in an epic struggle to re-establish The Fissure and prevent the destruction of all creation. At times reminiscent of the classic Saturday morning science fiction serials like The Rocketeer and Flash Gordon, at other times, bordering on Terry Gilliam’s surreal epics like Brazil, The Age Atomic is a stunning novel from a skilled story teller.