The Ana Switch: Cloaker Chronicle One by Angie Baron. Book review

The Ana Switch: Cloaker Chronicle One by Angie Baron, Matador, Paperback £7.99

Reviewed by Rex Sumner

The book made me optimistic, the cover was fine if not hugely enticing and the first words showed the author knows how to write. Good grammar, good spelling – you go into the story and are not distracted by any errors, though a couple of adverbs pop up later on.  The author does insist on talking directly to the reader on occasion, which is not a tool with which I am enamoured.

The story promises to be exciting and straight away you can see the author has imagination.  Great!

It is the story of a young girl whose father dies and she discovers she is a particular type of magical being, one of only seven left as the others have all been slaughtered.  She is also the only female elf (she’s half elf) left.  Standard magical beings – faeries, elves and pixies, with added twists and combinations.  Imaginative use of powers.  So you realise early on that it is a fairly standard YA story, but that isn’t a problem, they are usually quite fun and this looks as if it will be.  Not clear exactly where it is set, it is fun anticipating where (you do find out).

Unfortunately the story does not live up to the early promise. Firstly it is slow, lots of time spent learning about her history and powers.  The characters are quite well described and act independently and believably.  Although I felt there was something wrong, it took a while to realise what that was.  The book is targeted at not just a young adult audience, but a young girl.  A very young girl.  As I am neither young nor a girl, this did make it a little tricky to review, and I would suggest that young girls will love this book.  Lots of romance and no sex.  Lots of giggly bits and descriptions of clothing.  Lots of wondering what he means.  The boys are portrayed in a very feminine way as well.

In summary, an extremely well written and executed book targeted at the female young adult market which will hugely enjoy it.