The Autumn Republic. Book Review

autumnTHE AUTUMN REPUBLIC by Brian McClellan
Orbit. p/b, 624pp, £9.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Lord Claremonte is in the running to become First Minister of Adro. Tamas is deep in a powder trance, Adopest is a partial wreck, there are Brudanian ships in the harbour and the Field Marshal still does not know what became of his son… but the rumours are rife.

Following betrayal by many of its generals, the Adrans are in civil war. Like Tamas, Inspector Adamat is also missing a son, but for now he has a Privileged on his side, as well as a former laundress who may turn out to be more than she appears.

Taniel Two-Shot is a son without his father, and he is changed. Sorcery and the death of a god can do that to a man, powder mage or no.

The Autumn Republic is the conclusion of McClellan’s The Powder Mage Trilogy and continues the tale from where book two left off, with the plot and those behind it unraveling at a stomping pace to a considerable climax which leaves almost everything wrapped up in a neat end to this trilogy.

It is Tamas and Taniel who once again carry the bulk of the story, but Nila and Adamat take on their fair share and even the likes of Vlora and Bo come into their own during their occasions in the spotlight, showing us what a strong and successful cast this series has.

Like its predecessors, this book weaves sorcery, war, hand-to-hand and weapon-to weapon combat, politics, relationships, the art of detection, the fury of gods, and even throws in some cheeky fine dining to ensure all of this world and its many unique elements are on full view at all times for the reader’s total immersion and pleasure.