The Avengers’ Vault by Peter A. David. Book review

The Avengers’ Vault by Peter A. David, Aurum Press, Guidebook, 2015, £25

Review by Stuart Douglas

Published to tie-in with the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, Peter A. David’s The Avengers Vault is a collected history of the superhero team, focusing on its four most famous members – Thor, Captain America, the Hulk and Iron Man.

It’s as bright, colourful and picture packed as you would expect from such a book, but it gains extra points for the ten physical elements it contains, each of which can be removed from the book, if desired.  My son – more likely to be the target audience for this sort book than I am – gave each of these removable collectables a thumbs up, and it’s impossible to deny that some real effort has been put into the book’s creation, unlike many other previous tie-ins.

Character histories are detailed, but not overly so, with author Peter David injecting some humour where appropriate and showing exactly why he has been one of the big names in tie-in work for the past two decades.

The artwork throughout is crisp and bright, too, but if there is a failing of this book it’s that only four of the Avengers really feature (co-incidentally, the ones that movie viewers will best recognise).  A little more on these other Avengers (and perhaps a paperback at a slightly less eye-watering price), are all that’s required to make this an essential purchase for any Avengers’ fan.