THE BAYERN AGENDA by Dan Moren. Review.


Angry Robot Books. p/b. £8.99.

Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins.

Sevastapol is being colonised, worth it for the mineral deposits and breathable atmosphere, but Simon Kovalic of the Imperial Intelligence Services could live without the blizzards. When a dying man gives him a cryptic message, Kovalic’s mission is about to get more complicated. They have been compromised… somehow, and a daring rescue attempt will be required.

Elijah Brody, ex-soldier of the Ilyrian Naval Academy, has been under the care of Dr. Thornfield for six months now, recuperating after his last mission. Actual flying machines have been replaced by simulators, despite him being a pilot of exceptional skill, and Brody balks at the monotony of his situation. When a visitor offers him an officer’s commission and a path back to action, the decision is a no-brainer.

The Bayern Agenda is a cold war-style detective story set in a science fiction universe, taking advantage of the best tropes each genre has to offer. There is an underlying wit that shines out on occasion, greatly endearing the reader to its main characters, Kovalic and Brody, who share the main points of view throughout the novel.

Their missions intertwine with international politics in a satisfying tale packed with action, deception, twists and turns sufficient to maintain interest and keep a fair pace throughout. The back story on these characters (seen once before this Galactic Cold War series) is covered just enough that those who have not read the previous book will not suffer for it. Here action takes the place of any additional related worldbuilding but not to detrimental effect on overall enjoyment.

This space opera will be enjoyed by those who like a mixture of the light-hearted and the imminent danger.