The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz Book. Book Review

bbtThe Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz Book by Adam Faberman
Headline, h/b, 384pp, £14.99
Reviewed by Martin Willoughby

What can I say: it’s a quiz book. Lots of questions, divided into sections that match each of seasons 1 to 8. Like all these quiz books, you have to know the show very well to be able to answer most of the questions, but with this they’ve made some of them harder.

There are ordinary questions, Masters (MA) questions and PhD questions. To answer them you have to be a fan, a loyal fan, or someone who has nothing else to do outside of their job….or not have a job at all and spend days watching all the series on a permanent rerun.

It’s not for the casual reader or someone who watches the occasional episode.

Of course, all the answers are in the back of the book, so if you like comedy, hold a Big Bang Party, watch an episode, then have a short quiz about it, while drinking copious amounts of beer and wine and eating indian and/or chinese food. Dress everyone as a superhero and make sure one person is sitting in ‘his space’.

Included in all this are episode listings for seasons 1 to 8 and a large number of quotes, conversational snippets and some of the best jokes. Naturally, Sheldon’s quips are covered extensively. It also includes the full rules for rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.

I will admit this show does have a special place in my heart as my eldest son, when he has his glasses on, is the spitting image of Leonard. The unfortunate side effect of this is that makes me Sheldon. (Yes, I do have ‘my spot’ on the sofa, but I don’t have as much hair) We also used to have a young lady living opposite us who came over to eat our food and use the wifi. She’s now moved in with her boyfriend’s family, so that little piece of the show will not be lived out. Thankfully.

I tried this on all three of my kids and they had trouble answering the questions. I then tried it on my friends, but after losing two of them as a result of quoting Sheldon decided to stop.

It’s worth getting if you like the show, or have a passing interest, just for the quips, quotes and background information, or if you’re a nerd.

Otherwise… get it anyway and give it to that one know-it-all friend as a birthday present. Make sure to label it ‘Happy Birthday Sheldon’. He/she won’t get the joke, but you and your friends will.