The Book of Life. Book Review

bookoflifeTHE BOOK OF LIFE by Deborah Harkness
Headline Publishing, h/b, 592pp, £16.99
Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This climactic, satisfying finale to Harkness’ hit trilogy sees the vampire/witch husband and wife team Diana and Matthew Bishop-Clairmont still fighting against the Congregation’s ban against inter-species marriages, and seeking the legendary Ashmole 782 manuscript.  Many obstacles stand in their way, including psychopathic vampires, ancient alliances between species and Matthew’s blood rage, which threatens to send him into a berserker state if separated from his wife.

Harkness’ prose just leaps off the page, enticing the reader into the story and thoroughly enveloping them in the detailed world that she creates.  Her passion for her characters and the world she has created is clear to see.  She weaves an excellent tale, which in the past has very unfairly been called a “grown-up version of Twilight”.  This tale of politics, time travel, love, betrayal, magic, the world of academia and so much more stands away from such comparisons and deserves its place on the bestseller list.