The Circle Gathers (Veil Knights Book 1) by Rowan Casey. ebook review

The Circle Gathers (Veil Knights Book 1) by Rowan Casey, Harbinger Books, 99p (current offer)

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This is a fast-paced, compulsive read. It’s fairly unusual in having a strong female lead (and they don’t come much stronger than Jessie Noble, MMA fighter), and combines action and adventure along with pretty detailed Arthurian mythology.
Jessie Noble is an MMA fighter who finds herself experiencing strange visions, which lead to the end of her promising career in the professional ring. She finds herself fighting for cash in illegal bare-knuckle brawls, trying to keep her visions at bay with drugs. After a few years of this, she is invited to a charity fight, that could help her to get out of the rut that she has ended up in. Needless to say, things get a little more complicated for her from this point onwards…
The collective that makes up Rowan Casey have crafted an incredibly absorbing tale – I read a lot of books, and this is the first book in many months that I have found myself staying up late to read, not wanting to put it down. The action flows thick and fast, and the characters are all fairly believable, with good dialogue.
Whether you’re an MMA fan or not (personally, I fall into the latter camp – I’ve never watched it, but I know many people that are die-hard fans, and I still loved this book), this is a cracking read – the team of writers all have an impressive array of experience and awards behind them, and have put their varied skills to good use in pulling this gripping tale together.