THE COLORADO KID by Stephen King. Review.

THE COLORADO KID by Stephen King

Hard Case Crime, s/b, £7.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The first thing you need to know about this is that it’s a Stephen King book – for some, that will be all the information they need. However, this is a little different from other King books – no murderous clowns, aliens, men in black, rabid dogs or other evil villains. This book, at its heart, tells a story about a story. It’s only a short book by King standards – a mere 186 pages or so, but King packs a lot into those few pages.

A man (the titular Colorado Kid) is found dead on an island off the coast of Maine, with nothing on him to aid identification. To the law enforcement officials, it’s a cut and dried case of a John Doe that choked to death on some steak. To two local newspapermen, it’s something more – a real mystery. Who is he, how did he get there, why was he there? Was it a murder, or just an accident, or something beyond the norm? The tale unfolds as the two newspapermen, years later, share the mystery with a keen young intern that works with them. King, as ever, weaves a fantastic story creating characters with great depth, plunging the reader into life on Moose-Lookit Island, leaving the reader with questions unanswered, but a sense of satisfaction from a tale well told.