The Crimson Campaign. Book Review

17608111THE CRIMSON CAMPAIGN by Brian McClellan
Orbit, h/b, 608pp, £16.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

After all the trials and confrontations he has faced, Adamat has a score to settle and a family to rescue. But he has to find them first and that means tracking down the cruel Lord Vetas, who manipulated Adamat’s misfortunes and snatched away all that was precious to him.

The Kez army is still the greatest threat and Field Marshal Tamas overlooks them as he and his troops ready themselves for invasion. He knows the Kez of old; their strategies and their weaknesses. They are not far out of range, not out of range at all, for a powder mage, but invading would be foolish, wouldn’t it?

Taniel shot a god, then wound up in a coma. Now he has exchanged one vice for another. Little does he know what his father is up to against the Kez or what he himself will have to face next.

Set around a month after the end of book one, The Crimson Campaign is a formidable follow up and places this series firmly amongst the best of recent times. It has plenty of action, conflict, pace and drama, with well-portrayed characters and plenty of detail to fully render this unique world.

Historical fantasy, detective stories, guns, magic, uniforms, gourmet cuisine, love, addiction, torture – any one element of this book may not be the reader’s usual poison, but in combination in this series they work. The Powder Mage Trilogy is well worth reading and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. That’s all there is to it.