The Fallen Kingdom. Book Review

Gollancz. p/b. 320pp. £16.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Lady Alieana Kameron is back but this time she remembers nothing, not even her own name. There is only the where she finds herself and the fleeting memories of the how and why she came to be there, and the what she is supposed to do next. Someone is searching for her, she can sense it, but they cannot seem to sense her, even when she is so near…

As she slays the fae creatures it seems so familiar – as though she has an instinctive purpose to put an end to them. Her powers are darker now, beyond her comprehension. As her memories return, vague and incoherent, she remembers. She loved the Unseelie King, and he loved her. Then she died trying to save the world.

The Fallen Kingdom is the conclusion to May’s Falconer trilogy and brings Aileana’s story to a delicately moving end. She and Kadamach are both changed, both damaged to the point where neither can see a way forward, and this is book does not lay out an easy final journey for them.

This is a series that has delivered hard hits, alternating action and emotional scenes with a careful hand to maintain pace whilst not skimping on the plot-point:consequence factor. Where book one laid the foundations with the tragedy of her mother’s death and Aileana’s search for the killer, and book two brought her relationship with Kadamach to the forefront, book three ties up both elements in a way that will strike a huge chord with its readership.