The Forgotten Mission: The Return by Jonathan Taylor. Book review

The Forgotten Mission: The Return by Jonathan Taylor, CreateSpace, p/b £11.50 / Kindle £2.30, Website

Reviewed by Ian Blackwell

Do you like aliens and conspiracy theories? Area 51? If so then I would give this one a go!

The year is 1969. Our protagonist is Scott Salvador: a guy that scores his dream job with NASA writing programs for the planned Apollo missions . . . or at least that’s what he thinks his role is! Just what is on that floor at NASA that only a select few can access? Is Scott imagining things or is he really being watched? He soon finds that he has been chosen to fulfil a role that has been planned for him for years. But unbeknownst to him, we learn a dark part of the project’s history that made him part of this secret mission from day one. To his amazement he discovers what really happened at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. As we read we find that things don’t exactly go according to plan and what the real reason for the first mission to the moon was. All of this against a backdrop of a heartless organisation that does not hesitate to terminate those no longer required so as to maintain the huge secrecy of the project.

I’m not usually one for sci-fi novels but I’ve made an exception . . . and I’m glad I did! The storyline kept me interested and it moved along at a good pace. A huge bonus for me is the imagination shown in the descriptions of a technology far superior to our own. This chart-topping novel gives a unique take on space history, and is one that I would recommend to any sci-fi fan.