The Hunter’s Kind. Book Review

vvvTHE HUNTER’S KIND by Rebecca Levene
Hodder & Stoughton, p/b, 480pp, £8.99
Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins

Smiler’s Fair is no longer what it was and yet somehow the pieces remain to once again promise all the world’s vices in one place. Sang Ki seeks his father’s killer, and Marvan, too, searches for the one who can kill so hungrily. All have their needs and their vices.

Krish has his brother, his purpose and now the means. He learns the Dae ways even as he learns his history. There is more to the boy than his moon-coloured eyes, and there will be more to his story than the young goatherd could have dreamed.

Beloved of the Hunter, Cwen finally meets the god she serves. The moon has risen. It is time for the hawk to fight. The runes have come into power again, monsters and hunters must meet, and the Hollow Gods must clash once again.

In Smiler’s Fair Rebecca Levene began an extraordinary epic saga, not particularly like any we had read before. This is a world that is so richly detailed and complex in its creation that no region or situation, no race or ability is the same as others. It is a world where monsters exist and gods rage. Where the smallest, most insignificant of people must rise up and defy the odds, and the most powerful and significant must battle with their own greatest weaknesses. All the world’s vices are on offer, and all the world’s darkest deeds are in evidence.

As well as introducing some new characters, this second in the series artfully introduces point of view characters that were previously only seen through the eyes of Smiler’s Fair protagonists. Suddenly the reader’s empathies are stretched and questioned in a manner that is at once thought provoking and jarring, in a positive way – the momentum is helped as a result.

The focus does pull back in The Hunter’s Kind, placing less overall emphasis on individual characters’ struggles and more on the coming war between the gods and their respective followers. At the end of this book there is evidently still far more to come in the Hollow Gods series, and it is no doubt more that will be impatiently awaited.