The Incredible Melting Man. Film Review

Director: William Sachs
Screenplay: William Sachs
Starring: Alex Rebar, Burr DeBenning, Myron Healey
Running Time: 84 mins
Format: Dual Format Blu-ray/DVD
Certificate: 18
Reviewed by Guy Adams

Well, the titles’ mostly correct. The problem, according to writer and director Sachs is that he made a spoof but the producers tried to rework his film as a serious horror picture. They cut comedic scenes, added ‘straight’ scenes and the sum result is a movie that never succeeds as either.

Which is not to say it’s all bad. Those with a fond memory of fifties schlock will find much to please them because that’s essentially what THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN is, a 1950’s B picture made twenty years too late but with the added bonus of make-up effects legend Rick Baker onboard to handle all the dripping.

A man goes to Saturn and returns as ambulatory, radioactive lasagne. People die, little kids are threatened, breasts are briefly glimpsed, women scream, movie finishes on a knowing wink. The only thing that stops it being a perfectly accurate evocation of countless drive-in movies is an extra twenty minutes in its running time (many of those old B movies had the good grace to quit once they hit the hour mark).

The HD remaster lets the melting glisten with excellent clarity. You can really tell that’s Alex Rebar’s shed ear sitting in a pool of its own nuclear juice (though, in case you can’t, Burr DeBenning — an actor whose name, quite coincidentally, probably isn’t Swedish for nude yoga — tells you so).

The disc comes with a commentary and interview with Sachs as well as interviews with make-up fiends Rick Baker and Greg Cannom. There’s also a fun curiosity in the form of a Super 8 digest version of the movie.