The Joy of Technology – chapbook review

THE JOY OF TECHNOLOGY by Roy Gray. Pendragon Press £3.00

Reviewed by Tom Crouch

The preface says that if you are offended by explicit sex scenes, don’t read this novella. I have to say, I didn’t think that these scenes were all that explicit. In fact, they were quite coy, using allusions to organs and the act itself.

The story is mostly set in a sex club in a future Germany, soon filled with British soccer fans getting off on the on-stage antics of the strippers, featuring dildos and artificial vaginas. The story is about the desensitisation of feelings, particularly those of a coming of age teenager. Gray conveys this effectively enough, but deals with it a little too quickly at the end – he could’ve taken longer to get into the boy’s head and his feelings for the girl also on the coach trip. The writing is competent although a bit clunky. A stronger editorial hand would have made a better flowing story. The editor/publisher also forgot to correct punctuation throughout, which does disservice to the writer and his story.