The Kennedy Conspiracy. Book Review

kennedy_conspiracyTHE KENNEDY CONSPIRACY by Michael White

Arrow Books, s/b, £6.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

For years now, people have been coming up with more and more conspiracy theories for the assassination of President John F Kennedy. This book presents a new conspiracy – less outlandish than others, but the way it is uncovered is rather unusual.

Mark Bretton is a journalist by day and a blues guitarist by night. One day, his editor asks him to write a feature about a psychologist who has been researching reincarnation. Initially sceptical, he agrees to be regressed after their initial interview, and finds that in a previous life he was a press liaison officer for JFK.

Soon, he and the psychologist uncover the conspiracy and find themselves on the run from nefarious forces willing to use deadly force to keep their secrets well hidden.

White has clearly spent some time researching this particular topic, and the regression scenes of the assassination are exceptionally well written and very detailed. The thrilling chase scenes and the final denouement are worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

If you’re a fan of The Da Vinci Code, and other historical conspiracy thrillers, then you won’t go far wrong with one of Michael White’s novels.