The Last Horror Film. Film Review

the-last-horror-film-fanatic-caroline-munro-88-films-blu-rayTHE LAST HORROR FILM
Director: David Winters
Writer: Judd Hamilton, Tom Klassen, David Winters
Starring: Caroline Munro, Joe Spinell, Judd Hamilton
Certificate 18
Running Time: 87 Mins
Format: Blu-ray
Reviewed by Guy Adams

THE LAST HORROR FILM (otherwise known as FANATIC) is a curious thing. A perfect opportunity for director, Winters, to take his cast and crew to Cannes and shoot a movie at the same time. A busman’s holiday allowing Joe Spinell to do the thing he does so well (be grotesque) in-between sharing joints with his mad old mother.

THE LAST HORROR FILM (otherwise known as WHAT IS WRONG WITH JUDD HAMILTON’S HAIR?) never quite knows what to do with itself. Is it a tongue-in-cheek black comedy mocking the movie industry? A grisly slasher picture? A mystery thriller? I have a soft spot for movies that flit between genres and tones but the risk — as here— is that the sum total will be a less-than-satisfying attempt at everything.

THE LAST HORROR FILM (otherwise known as THE ONE WHERE JOE SPINELL PERFORMS A SEMI-NAKED EROTIC DANCE or QUIVERING SEX PORRIDGE BURNS YOUR EYES) is never less than entertaining, despite its flaky, schizophrenic approach to storytelling. It’s the sort of messy nonsense that lunatics like me enjoy while, at the same time, hoping their family don’t walk in and judge them forever for the tat they class as entertainment.

“It’s an insightful critique of the pomposity of the movie business.”

“Ahuh, and those jiggling breasts. Are they mocking the pomposity of brassieres?”


“That funny-looking man, the one who looks like Anita Dobson trying to smuggle herself into Sparks, what is he critiquing with that chainsaw?”

“Just close the door on your way out would you?”

The Blu-ray from 88Films comes with disposable introduction from Lloyd Kaufman (otherwise known as Mel Brooks in BLAZING SADDLES) ported over from the Troma DVD release; an onstage interview with Caroline Munro; an interview with Luke Walker, a friend of Joe Spinell; an interview with William Lustig  and MANIAC II: MR ROBBIE, a short promo for a possible MANIAC sequel put together by Spinell.

The film opens with an onscreen warning. In an attempt to collate the most complete cut of THE LAST HORROR FILM (otherwise known as NEVER STRETCH A JOKE TOO FAR), the viewer is asked to prepare for the odd drop in quality. Actually, the presentation is lovely throughout bar two brief instances but the caption does serves as an accurate description of the film itself.