The Legend Of Adam Caine by John Charles Scott. Book review

THE LEGEND OF ADAM CAINE by John Charles Scott, Authorhouse, s/b, £12.40

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

This weighty novel (723 pages, to be precise) tells the tale of ex-soldier Adam Caine.  The former marine, working as a lowly cinema usher when the book opens, is kidnapped with a number of other humans by aliens from a London tube train and pushed thousands of years into the future.

In the future, Adam’s military training comes in handy as he builds a reputation as a fearsome killing machine, and fights a villainous alien race that are hell bent on taking over the galaxy and wiping out the remainder of humanity.

At times clichéd, and with a many a knowing wink to various sci-fi movies and television shows (including Quantum Leap, Star Trek, The Fifth Element and Minority Report), this is a cracking good read and kept me glued to the pages throughout the book.

Although Adam Caine can seem a bit too much of an undefeatable super soldier for my liking, his character is well written – a flawed ex-soldier, who eschewed his privileged background to enter the marines as a simple grunt but proved himself time and again on the battlefield.  His adventures through time and space are satisfying and ultimately leave the reader wanting more.